Poem #1:- After the Living


As I mentioned in the previous post on this blog, dated January 1st 2012, this blog will now be used for other writing on Books, Literature, Politics, Sport (particularly football, tennis and boxing) and bits of creative writing. You can now find all cinematic concerns at http://apercucinehilia.wordpress.com . What follows below is a short piece of poetry from 2009. 

After the Living


In the dark wood Night turned back last

And those whom had peopled came past,

Full gone to water and sand seeded sky,

As must all whom breathe and burn and die.


The waters catch cold and run here –

Green of mind, fine, worn and tinged sincere.


Many islets are to pictures presently disposed,

Till the blank of nocturnal blindness consoles.


RBC, Friday, September 4th 2009


Apercu and Apercu: Cinephilia


First of all may I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year. As I announced back at the start of December, the website in its present form has drifted away from what I’d originally intended for it. To help right this I can now confirm the inauguration of a new Apercu website devoted entirely to film. As of today, all film reviews, essays and articles will be published on the Apercu: Cinephilia website at apercucinephilia.wordpress.com . This current Apercu website will continue to operate as a repository for material on my other interests, but will be more intermittently updated. I have already transferred most of the key website links from this page to the new one, but if I have left your website out please contact me via e-mail and I will rectify things. Once again, thank you for your interest in my writing and I hope you will come over to the new website in due course.