About Apercu

This is a simple publishing experiment, whereby the author will print drafted articles on various cultural, political, economic, artistic, social and sporting interests for your consumption and comment. This site has been inaugurated on Sunday 14th April 2011, with the publication of a weekly football write-up. Their will be regular film reviews and book reviews, alongside lengthier free-form works and opinion pieces. Barring ill-health or unforeseen circumstance the site will be updated and maintained daily. If you have any professional interest in contacting the author then please forward an e-mail to rohanberrywriter@gmail.com .

‘Ah, beware of snobbery; it is the unwelcome recognition of one’s own past failings. ‘  Cary Grant

‘Calvin tells us we are lost. Freud tells us we are deceived. O my long thin hands why then are you writing?’   Iain Crichton Smith


Update 18/11/2011:- As some of you may have noticed the majority of recent articles have been film reviews. I’m considering making some changes to the blog in the New Year, that might see this site become primarily a film-focused forum. The other articles will be assigned to a more occasional blog which fills the role of the present Apercu, therefore being more eclectic. I’ve recently added a rating system to the site. This should not be confused as a rating system for the films reviewed. It is rather a review system for the articles posted on the site. So if you like a review please take time to rate it. This way it gives me some idea of which pieces of writing work and which do not. Thank you for reading. RBC


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